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18 de abril de 2024

Presentation on Identifying Wolf Spiders

Title: "Hidden" in Plain Sight
When: Tuesday, May 7 at 7 pm Texas Time
Duration: 60 minutes to allow time for questions
Presentation Deck: Hidden in Plain Sight
Recording: May 7 Session Recording

From @eaneubauer who will be presenting:

In 2020 I discovered a new wolf spider species literally in my backyard. I called it Hogna 'incognita', the disguised wolf spider, after I had explored the current named species and was convinced it didn't match any of the currently named species. Hogna 'incognita' had long been confused with Hogna antelucana first described in 1904.

Since I saw the two species daily, I was aware of their relative growth and noticed their appearances differed at every stage and many other striking differences turned up along the way.

Join us for the details on how Russell Pfau (@pfau_tarleton) joined the effort in 2023 and we determined that traditional methods for differentiating species aren't always enough...

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Please let us know what date (May 7, 8, or 9) would work best for you and whether 7 pm Texas time is a good time.

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