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18 de septiembre de 2018

Berry Springs Preserve Herps of Texas report, 15Sep2018

After a very dry summer (and no rain in August), Berry Springs Preserve's sloughs had dried up and the main ponds were almost dry. However, there had been 5.1 inches of rain in the first two weeks of September (as per USGS gauge 08105095 Berry Ck at Airport Rd nr Georgetown, TX,, the springs were flowing again, the sloughs had water, and the water level in the main ponds was much higher than even the week before. And, boy, did this bring the frogs and toads a-hoppin' !!
Ten people got to see and/or hear four amphibian species - Rio Grande Leopard Frog (max Call Index = 2), Gulf Coast Toad (max CI = 2), Green Treefrog (max CI = 1), and Western Narrowmouth Toad (aka, Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad, max CI = 3). We also saw several watersnakes (at least one was a Blotched (aka, Plain-bellied) Watersnake) swimming in the ponds.
Mike had set up a white sheet and bright light beforehand, and after amphibian monitoring we got to see some big, green, mayflies and little moths - plus about a thousand other unknown, tiny bugs ! Thank you, Mike.
The monitoring period was 19:40 - 20:55.
Participants were Kathy, Mike, Heike, Carolyn, Keri, Christie (thanks for getting everyone started !), Leona (welcome !), and Alexis & Peter & Linda.
Environmental conditions at the main pond at sunset:

  • Air temperature = 74.8 deg F
  • Water temperature = 76.8 deg F
  • Sky = Mostly cloudy
  • Water level = Below average
  • Relative humidity at sunset = 74 %
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